Required Documents:
To start the procedure we will ask you for the Passport (ID sheet) and the CIN (National Identity Card). We will ask you to provide the necessary documents, as appropriate.

3 a 6 Months (depending on the country and other circumstances)
The length of time it takes to obtain the Residence and Work Title depends on several stakeholders. However, the estimated waiting period for the resolution by the Authorities is 3 to 6 months depending on the country and other circumstances. AMKAL is committed to assisting the client in the necessary steps to deliver the Work Offer and the Residence and Work Permit desired as soon as possible, but is not in any way responsible for delays in the response by the Authorities. The Authorities do not have deadlines for the delivery of the Residence Title. AMKAL is therefore not held liable in case of injury or delay.

-The price includes:
Case Study, Preparing Documents for the Work Offer Authorization, as well as the Work Contract Assistance for the Client’s Preparation of the Visa Application The Client is in charge of preparing the Visa Application at the co-responding Consulate (we will assist in the preparation of the documentation adapted to each Visa Application) Assistance in preparing documents for Residence and Work permit and for the search for suitable housing
-The price does not includes:
travel (plane/bus/train/car), accommodation and food expenses, administrative and registration costs, Visa fees and official taxes, certificates, translations, insurance


Your Personal Information

*First Name: 

*Last Name:

*Your Birthdate:




Your Residence Address

*Street: *NÂș:

*City: *Zip Code :


Other info

*Your Language(mother tongue):

*European language you know:

Other Languages you speak:


Academic Diploma:


Professional card:

*Purpose of your stay:
(preferred job and country, professional experience, others)

*Desired Date of Arrival to Europe:

*Expected Stay in Europe:


Additional Info:
(family, personal life project, other information about you)

Agent or how you've contacted us:

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