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The Residence Permit is an authorization that allows non-EU foreigners to stay in Spain for a period of time more than 90 days without performing any work or professional activity (during the first year). Estimated term of resolution:  2 – 4 months

Duration of the Residence Permit

The duration of the initial residence is 1 year from the date of entry to Spain. The first and second renewal of the Residency authorization lasts for 2 years. At the time of the third renewal, a long-term residence can be requested, which is indefinitely

Private or public insurance health

It is necessary to prove you are not suffering from any diseases that can have serious public health repercussions (in accordance with the provisions of the 2005 International Health Regulations)

Sufficient Economic Resources

The foreigner must prove that you have sufficient financial means to meet your living and living expenses, during the period of time for which you wish to reside in Spain. Minimum requirement:  27.000 €

For all the family members

Residence in Spain can be granted simultaneously to both the applicant and the members of their family if it demonstrates the possession of sufficient financial means for all of them

It is not necessary to invest in Spain

In order to obtain the authorization of Residence, it is not necessary to invest a single euro in Spain, that is, the foreigner is required to have sufficient financial means, but only for the purpose of demonstrating their maintenance and stay so that it does not constitute a economic burden for the Spanish State

It allows to study and to carry out university practices

If they are holders of a Residence they will be able to study in Spain. In addition,  despite not being able to work, can perfectly undertake university internships even if they are paid, because the university practices have a clearly formative character and are not of a working nature

Allows economic activities

Though the residence permit prevents work in Spain (during the first year), it does allow the foreigner to carry out economic activities in Spain (investment or through a Spanish company) and  it does allow the foreigner to developing economic activities in other countries



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